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English dave

My name is David. I’m English… I guess that’s why they call me ‘English Dave. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


"The producer"

The Shaner is from Mauritius

The Shaner loves Video Games, especially Single player 

The Shaner oversees all The Nerdie Bunch’s workings

The Shaner is the silent guardian, watchful protector

The Shaner can be reached 24/7 365

The Shaner is a huge fan of Liverpool FC


I grew up just outside Philly but have lived in NYC for over 11 years working in film, theatre, and podcasts. I’m still an all-Philly sports fan so deal with it! 

Primarily working as a mixologist/manager in multiple hospitality venues but pride myself in working with The Nerdie Bunch crew. 

I feel at home working with those that have a real passion and strong opinions on the latest in movies, TV, and gaming.


"The AMERICAN yank"

The American Yank is the common man’s voice on the Bunch, the Yank is the missing member of the original Fellowship; in all the Yank is a man of the people.
Ever the student of the industry the Yank bides his time as the ever-present observer of this circus that is Hollywood. Find him hosting the Bunch O Trailers Podcast and special guesting on spoiler talks from time to time. 
He may not be the Nerdie you want but he’s the Nerdie you deserve. 

Carlos "los"

Born and bred in NYC, Carlos LOVES music and movies. Well versed in each subject, he can talk for hours about either one. He also loves to create and has the goal of becoming an artistic visionary one day.


Sup guys I’m Herb from your favorite anime podcast The Otaku’s Lounge. I’m the resident weeb of the group, as much as I may deny it, and probably watch too much anime for my own good haha. I grew up in New York, Los Angeles, and El Salvador. My favorite anime is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, my favorite franchise of anime is Gundam, and my most hated anime is the absolute garbage that is Gundam SEED (don’t @ me).

Str: 27 Vit: 36 Def: 17 Dex: 44 Int: 68 Cha: 76 Wis: 52          Will: 39 Per: 68 Luck: 29



You know who is. It’s Lehns from the dopest anime podcast you’ve ever heard. From anime to live action, from manga to manwha, my journey to find the best fiction out there in never ending. I do this for science, for the people, and most importantly for the culture. 

Kris "The Troll"

My name is Kristian….Like playing Video Games, everything about Sports, Watching TV and Anime, and oh yea debating!

I’m just a guy here having a debate with his friends about anything and everything and hope you all agree with me…. or else you can catch this fire too! If you ever hear a podcast with me on it, record and share your opinion and if it’s different then mine, prepare for war! If not, help me hang up on the rest of the nerds to show them the way!!!